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Prayer service for sports day

Prayer service for sports day

Prayer service for sports day
Welcome to our list of short prayers. We have sourced the best short Christian prayers on the most popular prayer topics. Prayers that are short are easy to memorize, and great for children to learn as an introduction to Christian prayer. The nice thing about these prayers is that they are easy to teach to children. Lets start off with some brief prayers for strength. Prayers for strength are great to say on a daily basis, either in the morning, or nightly before bed time. Read more Prayers for Strength Here. Guide me lord, you are my heart you are my strength, you are my hope. Teach me Lord, and guide my way I love you more each passing day. Lord God, may we be grateful for our lot, and compassionate toward all those who are suffering every kind of distress at this difficult time. May we hold back nothing, and hasten to be the ministers of prayer and mercy, like the disciples of Him who went about doing good in times of need. Lord God, you are my strength. Hold my hand in my weakness and teach my heart to fly. Hold me tight in your embrace, so that I can be stronger than the challenges in my life. It is good to remember that with God, anything is possible. God gives us hope and guidance when we commit to prayer every day. For this new morning with its light, For rest and shelter of the night, For health and food, for love and friends. For everything Thy goodness sends, We thank Thee, dearest Lord. Thus may we abide in union With each other and the Lord And possess, in sweet communion, Joys which earth cannot afford. Many of you have asked me to include as short healing prayer as well. This is a good place to start. Read more Prayers for Healing Here. Heavenly Father, You are intimately aware of the struggle I am experiencing — the pain and the despair. You know the desire of my heart to be healed of this illness. I ask now for Your healing touch.

Sports prayer before game

Prayer service for sports day
The Prayer of Jabez an ancient prayer from the bible for protection, guidance and blessing Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, "Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Toggle navigation. Athlete's prayer before a game Dear God, May everything I am be a prayer to you. May I race with strength, courage and endurance and fulfil my potential today. May I push myself to be the best. I believe I can with your wisdom in my mind. May I have the strength, endurance and skills I need to be the athlete I know I can be. I worship you, I surrender to you. Lord, all that I do today is for you and your glory. Athlete's team prayer before a game of sport a prayer suitable for a team to pray before a sports game such as baseball, softball or basketball. Dear Lord God, Thank you for all the gifts you have given us. Help us to enter into this event with love, wisdom and strength in our hearts. We pray that we would look to you in awe and worship. May we put into practice all that we have learnt in our training, and bring to mind all the skills and planning from our preparation times. May each of us be aware of your goodness in our lives, and may this goodness pour out of us as a witness to your endless grace. You Lord are our inspiration, our teacher and our protector. Our trust is in you today and always. Coaches prayer for a sports team Our Father in heaven, Thank you for the privilege of training this team. I thank you for each player and all the great talents you have given them. Watch over them now as they compete today. Protect them from injury and fill them with strength and courage as they give of their best. Short athlete's prayers suitable for card or memorizing Dear Lord, I ask for your strength, your protection and your everlasting love to be with me today.

Prayer for success of sports day

Prayer is meant to be a way of life for Christians, a way of talking to God and listening for His voice with the ears of the heart. As a result, there are prayers for every occasion, from a simple salvation prayer to deeper devotionals that help facilitate and strengthen one's spiritual journey. Many Christians struggle with developing a prayer life. Often, they make prayer more complicated than it ought to be. The Bible can help unravel the mystery of prayer. By understanding and applying Scripture properly, Christians can learn to pray effectively and unceasingly. Jesus demonstrated what cultivating prayer looks like. Jesus taught this prayer to his disciples when one of them asked, "Lord, teach us to pray. Jesus said many prayers for healingcuring the sick as he walked this earth. Today, saying prayers when a loved one is sick or in pain is one of the ways believers can seek the Lord's healing balm. Likewise, when faced with temptationdanger, heartacheanxietyand fearChristians can ask God for help. Before starting each day, they can pray to invite God to be a guide through stressful and challenging times. Closing the day with a benediction for divine blessing and peace, along with a prayer of thanksgivingis another way to praise God and exhibit gratitude for his gifts. Couples who wish to dedicate themselves to God and to each other forever often choose to do so publicly with a special prayer as part of their wedding ceremony. Then, by continuing to develop their prayer lives both individually and as a couplethey build true intimacy in marriage and create an unbreakable bond. In fact, prayer can be a powerful weapon with which to combat divorce. Parents can pray with their children in the morningat bedtimebefore mealsduring family devotions, or at any time. Prayer will teach children to reflect on God's Word and remember his promises. They will also learn to turn to God in times of need and discover that the Lord is always near. Saying grace at mealtimes is an easy way to incorporate prayer into one's family life. The impact of praying before a meal has far-reaching consequences. When this act becomes second nature, it demonstrates gratitude for and dependence upon God, and it touches everyone who shares in the meal.

Opening prayer for sports banquet

Sample Easter Prayers. Sample Opening Prayer. Sample Closing Prayer. Sample Birthday Prayer. Sample Graduation Prayer. A Prayer for Success. Another Wedding Prayer. Morning Prayer by Malcolm Boyd. Sample Morning Prayer by Katherine Kehler. Prayer for me and for my family. Prayer for the Home. The Pray of a Grandmother. Praying For Your Husband. The Knots Prayer — Dear God, please untie the knots…. Heavenly Father, remind us…. A Prayer for Inner Peace and Joy. Lord, because of you…. A Prayer by Saint Ambrose. Make Me an Instrument Prayer. Help Me to Dream Again. Holy Righteous God, and only living God…. A Prayer for Friends. A Prayer for Those in Prison. Daily Prayers — prayer for protection, prayer for friends, prayer for the home; and more. A Prayer for When you are Fearful. A Prayer for Strength during troubling times. A Prayer for Protection. Sample Prayers for Thanksgiving Day. Sample Christmas Prayers. If you are human, leave this field blank. Gender Male. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Inspirational prayers for athletes

Some athletes in America recite this prayer before competitions in our day. It is a wonderful prayer to recite but we must not forget that it was also an example of HOW we should pray. Christian prayer should express our dependence upon God for all things and the centrality of forgiveness found in the gospel. It does mean that all of life is spent in the presence of God and in a posture of heart that is prayerful. All of life is in relationship with God for the Christian and this certainly includes the moments before, during and after our games. So what follows is both practical and provocative. May it give you ideas for your own prayer life and move you towards action. Pregame routines are important psychologically and spiritually for athletes. That would stoop into superstition and silliness I've got my eye on you baseball players! But including prayer in our pregame is not difficult. Many times there may be even be opportunities for group prayer among Christians on your team. Before competition, the word I want you to have in your mind is prepare. You are literally preparing to walk with God in the midst of a highly competitive, fast moving and intense environment. In light of that I offer these as a few examples of ways to pray:. May my love and worship of You supersede all things in my heart today whether we win, lose or draw. Let my mind to be clear and focused so I can execute to the best of my abilities. Let me play today in that light as a servant of Christ. Whatever happens today does not change that and I will come off the field as your child. Let this free me from anxiety and fear of failure. No matter what they do, no matter how wicked, please allow me to forgive. Let no root of bitterness get stuck in my soul today because of a game. There's a great theological truth you need to know: When you step on the playing field, God is with you. There are so many scriptures about God being our present help in a time of trouble Psalmour strength and our shield Psalmour comforter IsaiahMatthewRomans2 Thessaloniansthe one who prepares our hand for battle Psalm and the one who will never leave us or forsake us Hebrews ,6. As God goes with us, so we go with God into the athletic arena. Every game has planned breaks in the action—halftime, quarters, time between periods, races, etc. Many times in these gaps the team talks to one another and receives instruction from the coaching staff. Many times during games we can forget that God is at work in the lives of many people. During the gaps in the games, what if you prayed for a struggling friend or someone whose anger is hindering them from their best play? What if we could move away from simply selfish prayers during a game and learned to love God by thinking about other people in the middle of the games? That would be radical, but it would also be retraining our hearts to properly worship in the midst of competition. The I Thessalonians 5 passage tells us to give thanks in all things. As a follower of Jesus, an attitude of gratitude is the right rhythm of heart after games. We need to develop the life habit of thanking God for everything that He allows into our life and story. This includes the wins as well as the losses. It includes that slower time in the race that devastates you after training so hard for better results. It includes gratitude for gold medals and if you gave up the winning goal. A few post-game ideas as we close. Thank God for at least one specific blessing that took place in the competition. If you can think of more than one, recount them all!

Basketball prayer short

The Byzantine Forum. Key: AdminGlobal ModMod. Most Online 3, Dec 29th, Print Thread. Joined: Jan Takoma Park, MD. Two Lungs. This prayer was written by David Moore and delivered at Roncalli High School's all-sports banquet in Indianapolis, Indiana in the spring of The prayer of a champion "Dear Lord, "We are gathered here tonight in your name to honor those athletes who have not only taken the field for Roncalli, but who have taken to the battlefield for you. We do not battle for the goals nor the touchdowns, or the blue rings, but for the cross that we will carry to you. For the real battle is not with the pigskin or the round ball, but with the crosses that you have laid upon us. That is where we will find the true meaning of a champion. The Byzantine Forum provides message boards for discussions focusing on Eastern Christianity though discussions of other topics are welcome. The views expressed herein are those of the participants and may or may not reflect the teachings of the Byzantine Catholic or any other Church. The Byzantine Forum and the www. All posts become property of byzcath. Contents copyright - Forum All rights reserved. Powered by UBB. Register Log In www. Newest Members. Who's Online Now. Latest Photos. Forum Statistics. Forums 26 Topics 34, PostsMembers 5, Previous Thread. Next Thread. Quote The prayer of a champion "Dear Lord, "We are gathered here tonight in your name to honor those athletes who have not only taken the field for Roncalli, but who have taken to the battlefield for you. He was killed in the line of his duty as an Indianapolis Police Officer. Eternal Memory! View Profile. Private Message. Follow User. Forum Posts.

Prayer for athletes success

The mega event commenced with the Mistress of Ceremonies Mrs. Gaffeny and Ms. Thomas Kumar, the Vice-Principal, Rev. Joseph Sagayanathan, the Additional Administrator Mr. Raphy Manjaly, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Allahabad who has juggled various ministerial roles with panache in the past. Raphy Manjaly, and the Chief Guest Mr. Thomas Kumar. Other dignitaries present on the occasion were Sister Jyoti, Principal, St. Class VIII mesmerized everyone in their grateful recognition and remembrance of all the virtues that the Father of the Nation stood for, besides appreciating the valour of the Indian Army and the achievements of the Indian Scientists who were successful in sending an orbiter to Mars in their very first attempt. Most Rev. Reminding students that Mahatma Gandhi spoke like a prophet and worked like a general, he urged the students to work so that India continues to remain a country without differences between caste, race, creed and religion. Subsequently, the Chief Guest Mr. Display open. Vivified by the bursting of crackers, courtesy the lighting of the torch by the athletics captain Mohit Ahuja and Vice-captain Jeet Sinha, it was time to look forward to the release of the Annual College Magazine by the Bishop Most Rev. Raphy Manjaly and the Chief Guest Mr. Aniruddhe Mukerjee. A compilation of class photographs, reports of various events, photos of office bearers, teachers, support staff and articles submitted by the students. Thereafter, the Principal Rev. It was time for the little fellows of classes of L. The captive gathering was all eyes for the tiny tots and afterwards for the metres race for all divisions. The well contested meter race which saw the participants giving their all to their event, set the tone for the firemen drill by classes 3 and 4. A clear example of how team spirit leads to the entire team performing beautifully,the next event, i. The gathering had a further glimpse of the amazing results team work can bring with the following class 5 drill, Danza Del Pavone Italian for dance of peacocks. Next up, was the most highly anticipated, nail-biting and passionately contested inter-house event, the Tug-O-War. Red house proved their prowess by defeating Blue House in a closely contested match, scoring Aniruddhe Mukherjee participating in a race conducted for sheer joy. What made things even more interesting, is that prizes were awarded to the top three runners. Rego, Former Principal, St. Naturally the release of a Special Postal Cover by Mr. After all, how many people get to witness this unprecedented thing live? The College Cabinet, the four Houses, Athletic Squad, Association Presidents and the squads of all four Houses finally gathered for the March Past, for the closing ceremony of this multi-hued pageant. The Chief Guest, Mr. In his speech, he praised the efforts of all his batchmates who have assembled from all corners of the globe just to witness the spectacular fiesta, besides confiding how he has enjoyed the sports day twice. He congratulated the Red House in advance for winning the Cock House Shield thereby revealing the winner there and then. Finally he ended his speech with the message that everyone must attempt a sport or any sports related activity. The Principal, Rev. Thomas Kumar presented a memento to the Chief Guest, Mr.

Catholic prayer for athletes

Give thanks to the lord for He has done wonderful deeds. Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. We feel proud and honored to welcome Thiru………………………………………… Name …………………………… Profession ,Our Director, ……………………. We can never unseen the benefits and importance of playing the sports on regular basis. Sports provide a person the feeling of wellbeing and encourage living a healthy life. It keeps us always fit and healthy. On this special day we …………………. We feel blessed with presence of all the dignitaries, parents, well-wishers and friends for devoting your time to be with us. Light symbolizes the divine presence of God. Down the ages our Indian tradition teaches us light brings life and hope. We have our school choir to lead us into prayer. Tune yourself and dance to the colourful and rhythmic performance. Classic dance gives treats to the eye, it is a great form of exhibiting God given talent to praise him for his mighty power, Let us praise him with an invocation dance. Now we call upon …………………………. Now we request our honorable chief guest Mr……………………. Dear friends we request all of you to look up the building, an angel will bring the flame of fire from heave. Dance makes life move, dance gives health hap, dance bring happiness all round, we have students of grade IV to present you a dance. April 21, July 14, January 22,

Prayer for winning competition

Sports bring new energy in the hearts and minds of every child. This day is marked with great joy and discovering the inner talent of every child in the field of sports. A sound mind resides in a sound body. Sports and games help in large muscle co-ordination resulting in physical fitness apart from inculcating sportsmanship, leadership, unity competitive spirit among the students. We dedicate this sports day to our former president and scientist Dr. Abdul Kalam who inspired the young minds in millions through his exemplary life style. He was a personification of leadership. He motivated the young students and youth of Indian with these words. Light symbolizes the divine presence of God. Down though the ages our Indian tradition teaches us light brings life and hope. Mighty ruler, eternal father, you are the Lord God, the beginning and the end, He who was, who is and who is to come. God of power, you are wonderful counsellor, Mighty God, everlasting father and Prince of peace. It was in you that all things were created in Heaven and on Earth, both the visible and invisible things. With your marvellous blessing we welcome everyday with a smile, look on the new day as another special gift from our creator, another golden opportunity to complete the task which we were unable to finish yesterday. With a grateful heart we come at your gracious presence on this auspicious day symbolizing strength and unity of our soul. Take complete control on all our activities which are to be exhibited today. Grant us your strength and power to perform our duty that has been entrusted to us. May the Lord honour and bless all the dignitaries, teachers, parents and all well wishers. May your firmament spirit prevail around this atmosphere and grant us the heavenly wisdom to present ourselves at this great gathering. Let your mercy and steadfast love surround and guide us through this morning. When he calls to me, I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will rescue him and honor him. This is the word of the Lord- thanks be to God. Welcome address. Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. The galaxy of intellectuals, your Excellency, invited guests, parents, teachers and my dear friends a pleasant morning to you all. Well, to get the ball rolling, I deem it as great pleasure and privileged to be in your meaningful company. Dear audience, you yourself will discover the colours of cultural feast unfolded. You are one of the most celebrated dignitaries. On behalf of Montfort School we extend you a warm welcome! To you Madam. He is a person who always ready to walk extra miles in the walks of life for the cause of education. His contribution to the society in the field of education is so great that he is the person who is always sought after for his advice. He is sculptor of human character, a seasoned scholar and navigator of this flagship of knowledge. Behind this success are great people who do common works uncommonly well. We would like to welcome our non-teaching staff, for their continual and co-operative support, who work hand in hand with us, make us feel relieved, moved a mile towards this great occasion. We welcome you dears! Champions are made from something they have deep inside them — a desire, a dream, a vision. It is you who made this function up to the snuff. NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER: President Trump White House Service

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